Unique Mobiles Games Worth Trying

I recently got around to playing a little known game called Game of Dice from a company called JoyCity. I say “little known” not because no one plays it, but mostly because it’s not a mainstream title like Marvel: Contest of Champions or Mobile Strike. Game of Dice is unlike any other mobile game I’ve ever played. It wasn’t yet another generic MMORPG or yet another pay to win strategy game. Instead, Game of Dice is a strategic board game that sort of plays a bit like monopoly with some card elements. I’ve never played a board game on my phone before and even though I thought the gameplay was solid, what really sold me on it was the gorgeous anime inspired art. Joycity spared no expense, as the production value of the game is incredible. It has its faults, but if you’ve played a lot of mobile Mmos in the past and generally like the genre, give Game of Dice a try. It’s not an “MMO” but it appeals to the same type of gamer.

Game of Dice Gameplay

Fate/Grand Order is yet another game I strongly recommend to fans of mobile games. It’s a game that should appeal to fans of the “fate” anime franchise as well as fans of solid mobile RPGs. In its core, Fate/Grand Order is a lot like Unison League, except with much better art and a more interesting roster of characters. It’s currently one of the highest grossing games in Japan, which speaks volumes about the game, as Japan is the most competitive market in the world for quality mobile games. The only problem with Fate/Grand Order is that its not available in English natively. Players need to download the Japanese version of the game, which isn’t that difficult (guide on how to download and play Fate/Grand Order). It even works really well on any android emulator for those that want to play it on the PC.

Fate Grand Order Gameplay

Vainglory is yet another must-play mobile game that I simply cannot recommend enough. I’ve played nearly every major MOBA game on the PC and figured the genre would never work well on mobile due to its complexity, but Vainglory has proven me wrong. It’s unbelievably intuitive and playing on a phone doesn’t feel like an obstacle. Obviously the game is a bit less involved than games like DotA 2, but it’s still super competitive. Eternal Arena is another newly launched mobile title that I thought was super intuitive. If you like playing MOBAs on PC, give Vainglory a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Vainglory Gameplay

Another newly launched mobile game that’s excellent is Fantasy War Tactics from Nexon, which launched in late 2015. Fantasy War Tactics is exactly what it sounds like – a fantasy themed tactics RPG. Nexon is clearly starting to take mobile gaming seriously, as they recently launched Legion of Heroes and Monster Squad and have dozens of new games in the pipeline. Fantasy War Tactics is a hero collecting RPG with unique lighthearted cartoony graphics that look more Western than anime inspired. I’ve always been a fan of games like Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics, so seeing a tactics game on mobile got me excited and It’s a game I play regularly now.

Fantasy War Tactics

Did I miss any unique newly launched mobile games? If so, leave your favorites in the comments below and I’ll check them out!