Mobile MMOs are Replacing PC MMOs

The early blockbuster mobile games that made millions of dollars included such hits like Candy Crush and Cut the Rope. But over the years the quality of mobile games have improved significantly. Games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Dofus Touch have proved that mobile gaming can go above and beyond simple arcade like games. In fact, arcade style games like Candy Crush are quickly becoming niche while more sophisticated games are starting to dominate the most played apps charts. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was the first mega successful mobile game in the long running Final Fantasy franchise. It proved to Square Enix that mobile gaming was serious business and they quickly expanded their mobile games portfolio. Just look at Mobius Final Fantasy – it has console quality graphics and a great story. It’s not just giant traditional game companies taking notice of the increased demand for sophisticated mobile games either. Companies like GTArcade are embracing mobile with games like Legacy of Discord which plays a lot like a traditional PC MMORPG (albeit a browser based one). Continue reading Mobile MMOs are Replacing PC MMOs