Are Buy to Play MMOs Making a Comeback?

Yes, I know this isn’t mobile game related, but I want to talk PC for a moment. Having just quit Path of Exile, I’m looking for a new game to play. I didn’t quit out of frustration or anything, I just got tired of the game. I think I sunk upwards of 500 hours into the game and I think it’s time for me to move on. Battlefield 1 looks incredible, but it’s still a ways away. I’m pretty excited about Overwatch, as I’ve played the beta extensively. I think I got about 18 hours logged in over the course of the week long beta. Needless to say, I’ve already pre-ordered it. Blizzard Entertainment released some interesting statistics recently too. Apparently over 9 million players tried the beta with the average person logging in for a bit over 8 hours. I suspect the game is going to be another blockbuster for Blizzard. I’m still a bit confused by the buy to play model though. Most people figured Overwatch would follow in Hearthstone‘s footsteps as a free to play game. Even Lawbreakers from Nexon which is coming out later this year surprised everyone by announcing a retail model. Atlas Reactor did the same exact thing! Despite this, I don’t think free to play is dead.

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